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Do you live in Lincolnton NC ? Or are you thinking of moving too Lincolnton.

If so don't live where you're children would end up at Lincolnton High School. Because Tony Worley Is one *** POOR principal, About as sorry as they come. My opinion, And freedom of speech.

If you have any problems, Don't worry he won't bother. Taxpayers money flushed down the drain. No need to call roto rooter. Because this turd won't move. Nope, And the school board will not do anything about it.

*** they are the ones who hired him, Or force the superintendent too

Yes Lincoln County NC had a pretty good superintendent until the School Board members force him out because he would not hire who they told him too, Or he would not be told to do whatever it was they wanted.

*** they came in and had meetings with employees and did not include him.

But this is with all of lincoln county government. They hire directors,supervisors, etc Ones that will do as they ask. Or they send someone, Friends etc for jobs, If they don't get hire...well they lose their job.

Lincoln County NC, I would have to say is one of the most crooked city,counties of NC. So before you move, Think twice.

And the commissioners have their hands in Walmarts pocket.


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I don't know your experience with Tony Worley, but my experience was great.My son had to attend summer school and I was trying to figure out if he passed...or still failed.

Tony and his receptionist helped me everywhere he could.

Tony personally checked my son's classes ...told me what I needed to get him to do to be able to pass and even gave me his email so I could reach him while he was away at workshops.He was great, I'm sorry you didn't have the same experience.

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